Customer Service Declaration, Celebration Clause

Grave Delay Athletics is a niche business, geared toward people who acknowledge death is inevitable, but who also revel in delaying that appointment with the grave as long as possible.

It is the policy of Grave Delay Athletics to maintain only the best customer service standards. Sticking to said ethos, we will make every effort to keep our customers - fellow grave delay types - super happy.

Quality, Shipping:

We employ the best production materials and processes, leading to the best finished products. We have the best U.S. domestic shipping rates.


Grave Delay Athletics is a movement punctuated by fun, made-on-demand T-shirts and gear.  We have no interest in charging fellow grave delay enthusiasts unreasonable prices. The bulk of the cost for each made-to-order item is in the original artwork and production.  We also use round numbers for best pricing practices. What you see is what you pay for the item at checkout. Shipping and taxes may also apply. That’s a novel idea, right?  What’s up with the .99 a lot of others use at the end of their prices. Really, are we that blind to think one penny makes the item seem like it costs a dollar less? Um, no. Grave Delay Athletics will not subscribe to such foolishness despite how psychologically plausible it may be to increase sales. Sorry, that had to be addressed. Grave Delay Athletics earns a small percentage, of course.  As a holistic, cash run business, we have no debt. Therefore, we are not desperate to make money in unscrupulous ways. We want every Grave Delay patron, millions of like-minded folks, to make a purchase, smile at checkout, beam when you receive your gear, and grin when you wear it out.  

Celebration clause:

To help celebrate Grave Delay Athletics’ milestones, we will surprise every 100th order customer with a special thank you.  While we will not advertise how our appreciation will manifest, we cannot stop you from telling the world about your experience should you be the person whom triggers such a milestone.

For all inquiries please write to:

The Curator